Do you already know the secret of capturing knowledge?


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‘Kennis uit hoofden halen. Dát is wat we doen met onze wetenschappelijke methodiek die wordt ingezet binnen de proces- en de maakindustrie’, zegt Herman Ouwerkerk, mede-directeur van ELICIT Online, een gerenommeerd software- en consultancybedrijf dat zich actief richt op het vastleggen en overdragen van kennis en ervaring voor de proces- en de maakindustrie.



"Every company has its experts and specialists who know all the ins and outs of a system, product, or particular machine", says Herman. "When one of these experts leaves the company, for example due to retirement or taking a job elsewhere, the valuable knowledge and experience they have accumulated is in danger of being lost. That makes a company dependent and therefore vulnerable.”


How do you transfer 30 years of experience?

"The old way of sharing knowledge, where people talked with each other about processes, agreements, and protocols, is time consuming and vulnerable", co-director Wouter Schotborgh explains. "How do you transfer the knowledge and experience accumulated by an expert over 30 years? The trick is to not capture too much and follow a proven formula: start with the end result and work your way back systematically. If you do it the other way around, you'll be looking for a needle in haystack. Our unique method is the result of 12 years of scientific research and development. I first came up with the method during my PhD research at the University of Twente, and developed it further by applying it in various industries and types of business, and within multiple departments in companies of varying sizes."


Practical and immediately applicable

If you capture information objectively, it'll be easy to work with. "We could present all kinds of theoretical models, but we believe in practical communication and applicability", says Herman. "For employees, this means they have straightforward insight into the way a process or machine operates so they can be deployed quickly and solve problems independently. For management, valuable knowledge is a guarantee, processes are standardised, and yield and quality are improved. More on this in our next blog post."


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