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Recording 30 years of experiential knowledge in 4 interviews

In the whitepaper "Recording 30 years of experiential knowledge in 4 interviews", Dr. Ir. Wouter Schotborgh talks about the application and results of the ELICIT method to record experiential knowledge in the processing and manufacturing industry.

The unique ELICIT method is the result of 12 years of scientific research and development by Dr. Wouter Schotborgh.

Do you also want to know how to secure and systematically record valuable knowledge and experience?

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    The elicit method

    Using this method enables us to follow a predictable knowledge assurance process with a predictable end result: it appears that on an average, 110 questions are needed to capture the essence of 20 to 30 years of experiential knowledge. 

    This 'essence' consists of, on average, 20 parameters and 72 instructions, with which a (new) operator can perform 3 important tasks to do his/her job well.

    "Increase the quality of
    the production process and structurally increase your yield."

    Three important tasks

    In this whitepaper we describe three important tasks carried out by an operator:

    1. Process control
    2. Taking action in the event of deviations
    3. Knowing the main cause-effect relationships of the production process