Packaging industry

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Packaging industry

The increasing demand for sustainable packaging material, pressure on costs and more efficient production. These are some major trends in the packaging world.

There is, among others, an increasing demand for sustainable packaging material from consumers. The packaging industry must respond to this demand without compromising on the quality of the packaging and at the same time try to keep costs low. Sustainability has an impact on the process and packaging technology. These must deal even more efficiently with raw materials. It also affects the packaging material, because companies are increasingly focusing on the circular economy.

Cost efficiency is also becoming increasingly important for companies. This is a trigger for more efficient processes and technologies. Increasing use is being made of digitization and more flexible work is being done to be able to make changes to products quickly, as the variety of products is increasing. This applies mainly to the food and drink industry. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly about product safety with containment solutions, single-use concepts to prevent cross-contamination, and the prevention of false production by means of serial numbers.

Important final step

This final step of value increase in production environments - the packaging process - is characterised by an increasingly complex environment with a high degree of automation. This is the stage at which important quality requirements have to be met. If something goes wrong with the product or the packaging, all the value invested during the preceding processes is lost. In addition, the downtime of a packaging line is often impossible to make up for. Furthermore, operators are often asked to monitor multiple automated systems and then intervene quickly and appropriately if necessary. If you know how high the rate of innovation is - with myriad developments in the fields of vision systems, QR codes and printing techniques - it will immediately become clear where the challenge lies. No matter how state-of-the-art the equipment is, the packaging materials themselves are susceptible to temperature and moisture and when a beautifully printed piece of cardboard is pulled out of alignment by the conveyor chain, things will inevitably go wrong. What do you do when your vision system rejects a perfectly fine product or, considering the high rate of production, eighty products - per minute. That can get very costly very quickly...

Extract knowledge from heads

What can an operator concretely do about a malfunction that occurs at 3:15 AM on a Saturday? What options are available to them? What are the first things they should look for during their diagnosis in order to identify the cause of the issue? How can you make sure your second-line support has the required knowledge and expertise? With ELICIT Online, you can quickly and easily record experts’ invaluable knowledge and make it available to the line in the form of performance support. Two clicks and ten seconds are all it takes to find the solution to your problem. This makes operators and their production environments less dependent and more self-reliant. ELICIT Online also helps you safeguard the quality during that all-important final stage of production: the packaging process.

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