Chemical industry

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Chemical industry

The Netherlands has a favorable business climate for the chemical industry, and chemical research and training are among the best in the world. Together with the Dutch culture and mentality, these ensure a powerful chemical industry that is a driver of the economy and takes the lead in sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

About a third of the sector's workforce has completed a college or higher education, making it a knowledge-intensive sector. At the same time, there is a scarcity of operators with MBO process technology and the aging of operators is increasing further. How do you ensure that you safeguard valuable knowledge of the experienced operators and use it to train your operators more quickly?

Extract knowledge from heads

Not only for the operators, but also for the technologists and technical service, it is crucial to firstly understand the installation well, and secondly, make the right decisions. To achieve that goal, we start with the essentials. What is the essence of process control, how do I recognize possible deviations and how should I respond? Which settings have a dominant influence to control product and process quality? For example, how far can I adjust a temperature before I have to start a diagnosis? And if a negative pressure does not remain stable, which trend lines can I use to make a good diagnosis before I switch on technology or the TD? In order to enable employees to act at an expert level and safely, in addition to the essentials, the instructions are also required for the most common situations. The installation is already complex enough, with ELICIT Online give them the information and knowledge they need for optimal and safe production. Anytime, anywhere, within 2 clicks and 10 seconds

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