A digital twin helps your operator


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Data is everything. It not only gives you insight into your system, it is also the foundation of Machine Learning and cognitive computing. This allows you to make predictions and proactively respond to any disruptions or growth. With the help of Twin Technology you can take maximum advantage of this.

Twin Technology has been in development for some time. The idea of this is that you create a digital copy of your physical system. This is possible because more and more real time data is available from your production line. Almost every part provides data; about temperatures, pressures, positions and speeds. All this data is collected and displayed digitally. You can analyze a "normal behavior" from all that data. You can then use this data to run simulations: What happens if the behavior of one data point changes? What are the consequences? And can you prevent that?

Visual Wonder

A digital twin can be designed in an impressive way. GE Electronics, for example, developed a 3D-designed digital twin of a turbine, which works almost completely independently but can also be adjusted by means of VR. This will not be affordable for many companies. Although it perfectly indicates the possibilities of Twin Technology, not many companies will be able or willing to find the funds to invest in this.

Digital twin in the workplace

But Twin Technology is just as effective when it is displayed less "visually". In essence, it is about collecting data, interpreting the data and recognizing normal behavior and presenting it clearly. If there is then a deviation in the behavior, an operator can quickly respond to this. Because it is data-based, it is clear to any operator where the problem is and what to do about it to get it right. The interpretation is done by the Digital Twin and is therefore no longer person-dependent.

Standardize knowledge

One of the principles of Elicit Online is to standardize knowledgein order to make the transfer as good and efficient as possible. This not only applies to your people, but also to your machines with the help of Twin Technology: transferring the knowledge from the machines to the people. With a Digital Twin it is immediately clear where a problem is and what needs to be done, because the machine shows it in a standardized way.

Would you like to know more about how a digital twin can help your operators and technologists and what role ELICIT Online can play in this? Then contact us.

Do you want to view the digital twin turbine from GE Electronics? Then click here