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after capturing experience knowledge of over 200 experts This is what I discovered

Over the last decade, I have systematically analyzed and captured the tacit know-how of over 200 experts in their fields, ranging from the design of wafer steppers and hospitals, the machining of precision parts to the operation and maintenance of process industry equipment and even a three stage steam engine. The experts came from research and development, logistics, design/engineering, manufacturing, and operations, field service and maintenance. Some even drive a van and have a big rubber hammer to solve problems. Some hold double PhD’s in fields I cannot pronounce, and others did not finish high school, but all are masters in their fields. The years of experience ranged from ‘a few’, to my current record holder Henk, who had 49 years of experience when I captured his know-how. At this point in time I have applied our method over two hundred times and I finally took the time to look back. I want to share some of my conclusions.**

The unique ELICIT method is the result of 12 years of scientific research and development by Dr. Ir. Wouter Schotborgh.

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