Our mission

Our mission is to record employees’ practical knowledge in a simple manner, accurate and fast, and to make this available to everyone. This is how we enable both staff and organisations to achieve the highest possible level of performance.

Our story

Every organisation boasts a number of specialists on the floor who have built up a wealth of experience during the course of their career. However, this innate knowledge has scarcely ever been recorded and therefore in practice is unavailable to colleagues. But how can you in a simple, rapid and structured way safeguard this precious resource; the practical experience your experts possess? And, once recorded, how do you present this in an attractive, accessible and user-friendly manner? Two questions that form the basis of Elicit Online. Using our software, we enable organisations to record their experts’ invaluable practical experience in a structured and rapid process, and further ensure it is made available to all staff. The result: quicker training and start of employment for (new) staff, reduction of unnecessary downtime and an increase of quality and productivity. By safeguarding and opening up the available knowledge we can assist our clients to remain successful and competitive in an increasingly global market.

The ELICIT method

The unique ELICIT method is the result of twelve years of scientific research and development by Dr Wouter Schotborgh M.Sc.. Schotborgh explored the method during his PhD research at University of Twente and continued its development across various industries, types of companies and within a wide array of departments and divisions of both larger and smaller companies.

Core to the ELICIT method is the identification of essential parameters and decision moments an expert utilises during his/her intuitive thought processes.