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Machine builders

The Dutch machine building sector has about 3,000 companies that excel in specialist machine building, plus a larger group of companies that are active in the field of repair and installation. Dutch companies compete on quality and flexibility: using a high level of knowledge for superior machines and machine builders in order to achieve high customer satisfaction.

Due to the high speed of innovation, digitization and robotization, the machines are becoming more complex for development, use by operators and technical service. Production capacity and product quality count for the end customer: they must be at such a high level that the price is justified. That means that the machine must be properly operated: if the operator makes the wrong decision and thereby produces rejects or disrupts the system, the machine builder can be blamed. Knowledge transfer from machine builder to user organization is of great importance in this respect.

The good news is that the necessary knowledge is available. The challenge is: how is that knowledge transferred to the operators who operate the machines worldwide? So how do you extract the right knowledge from the mind of the expert and bring it into the mind of the operator?

Process control, diagnosis and troubleshooting

With ELICIT Online, the knowledge can be supplied with the machines. For the operators who operate the system and for technical support who carry out further diagnosis and troubleshooting in case of problems. We always start with the transfer from the essence: what is the most important to pay attention to in process control. How do I check the product and process for disruptions and what are the dominant settings with which the process can be controlled? Sometimes as an operator you can see very nicely from a specific folding edge whether the preloads and guides are properly adjusted, or with a flashlight quickly check whether the front and rear trains are properly aligned. Then you have to know exactly what to look out for. And in case of deviations: what can you adjust and to what extent?

In order to enable those involved to act at an expert level, in addition to the essentials, the instructions are also required for the most common situations. Within 2 clicks and 10 seconds. The system is complex enough already, with ELICIT Online, give operators the information and knowledge they need to be able to produce optimally independently and quickly.

The same applies to Technical Field Service: rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting determines the production capacity of machines. A high level of knowledge is decisive for this. With ELICIT Online you ensure that this knowledge and information is also available 24/7 for immediate use at any place in the world.

Demo Packaging machine

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