From operator to expert in just 4 steps


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Modern production systems are increasingly automated.

This means that an operator has less and less influence on the production process once it runs smoothly. But if something goes wrong, the operator must be able to intervene quickly.

It is therefore important that knowledge about the production process is properly transferred. Not only when an operator starts working on a production line, but also periodically afterwards. Because production systems continue to develop. Knowledge can therefore quickly become "outdated". In addition, you want every operator to have the same knowledge level, so that you are not dependent on one or two employees. In order for all operators to respond to the highest level of knowledge, knowledge must be transferred: from the best operators to the rest of the shifts. Best practices should become the standard.


Manage knowledge and transfer it effectively to your operators

To provide more insight into how to transfer knowledge effectively, we have written a whitepaper: “From operator to expert in just 4 steps”. In it we explain how the method we have developed at Elicit Online can help you to raise the knowledge level of each operator within your organization to a higher level:

Step 1: Determining the yardstick. What is the highest level of knowledge on which any operator should work?

Step 2: Develop the substantive knowledge transfer. What knowledge should every operator have in mind?

Step 3: Zero measurement. What is the current level of knowledge?

Step 4: Substantive knowledge transfer and measuring progress.

Effective knowledge transfer is sometimes a challenge for organizations. The creation of structure appears to be the greatest barrier. Our methodology helps organizations to create the structure, so that you master the knowledge of your operators and can effectively take it to a higher level.

Do you want to know how that can help your people? Download the whitepaper here, or feel free to contact us.