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FrieslandCampina Beilen develops and produces total solutions for the infant nutrition market, varying from individual ingredients and basic powders to complete infant nutrition, including consumer packaging.

FrieslandCampina Beilen

"Have you looked in Elicit yet?"

FrieslandCampina and Elicit Online work together to guarantee the necessary knowledge of processes. We already do this at various locations. But how does that work in practice? Femko Hut (operator) and Johnny Tran (process technologist) from FrieslandCampina Beilen have created a "knowledge file" together with Elicit and are also working with it. “Working with Elicit is becoming more and more part of the procedure,” notes Tran.

Retaining knowledge is a difficult job in many organizations. “Like everywhere else, a lot of knowledge has been lost because experienced employees have left or left,” says Hut. “So there is a big gap in knowledge about processes and production lines. You have to deal with that. The big question is how. ” Tran: “We had to look for something that can simply guarantee the knowledge, and is also easy to use. FrieslandCampina Borculo already worked with Elicit and they were enthusiastic. Once we started working with Elicit, I immediately understood why. ”

The heart of the matter

Both Tran and Hut both helped develop the knowledge file for the installation. “That was actually a lot of fun to do,” says Hut. “The interview style of Elicit Online was very nice. And also very substantive. You may not expect that from someone who does not work with such an installation. " Tran agrees. “As a process technologist you are working on two layers of information that are important. The daily process of the installation and how historical trends can predict the future. Someone who then questions you has to ask the right questions. They were mainly open questions. But in such a way that you go to the heart of the matter. When I saw the result in the knowledge file, I thought, "Yes, that's what I meant!"

It really is 'plug and play'

Elicit Online is used at FrieslandCampina for training new people as well as for day-to-day work. “An installation like this can be very impressive for new operators, because they don't (yet) know how to handle it. By using Elicit in training these new people, we can quickly familiarize them with the system. And that seems to be paying off, ”says Hut. Tran also sees many positive sides to Elicit Online. “We have also looked at other solutions, but this is the only one of its kind. It is really "plug and play", so you can use it very easily. What I personally find very cool is the logging system. That gives me so much information. ”

Faster solution, more time

At the moment, Elicit is mainly used to tackle issues. Hut: “Due to circumstances such as Covid, that is now taking precedence. But it also does what it should do there. Operators can now tackle the issue more quickly, because they can find a solution quickly with Elicit. ” Tran notices that too. “The installation runs 24/7, but a technologist does not. Operators can get to work themselves more often thanks to Elicit. This way, the issue is resolved faster and the installation can continue to run. And at the same time it also gives the technologist more time for other things. You hear more and more on the floor: "Have you already looked in Elicit?" Laughs Tran.

"Operators can now tackle the issue faster"

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