Textile- and Carpet industry

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Textile- and Carpet industry

The textile industry mainly processes and treats technical, clothing and interior textiles and yarns. Textile production has virtually disappeared from the Netherlands. The industry is increasingly focused on technical textiles. The Dutch carpet industry is the third largest producer in the world and consists of a small number of capital-intensive companies. In the Netherlands, carpet is the most commonly used floor covering, but the industry mainly relies on exports.


Technical textiles are on the rise. The interest in safety and protection offers opportunities for technical textiles. Plasma and nanotechnology enable new functionalities, including UV protection, flame retardancy and conductive textiles. Innovation is mainly focused on environmentally friendly, sustainability and new techniques.

The globalization and liberalization of the world textile market is continuing. The strength of the Dutch textile and carpet industry revolves around process control and distinctiveness. Obtaining and retaining both process technology and materials science knowledge is of great importance in this regard. Cost control and the economical use of raw materials and energy characterize the business processes.

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Due to the increasing chemical nature and increased automation, it is crucial not only for the operators, but also for the technologists and technical service to understand the installation and make the right decisions during production. To achieve that goal, we start with the essence: what is the essence of the process control, how do I recognize possible deviations and how should I respond? Which settings have a dominant influence to control product and process quality? For example, how far can I adjust a chemical dosage before I have to start a diagnosis? And if a pH does not remain stable, which trend lines can I use to make a good diagnosis before I turn on technology or the TD? In order to enable employees to act at an expert level and safely, in addition to the essentials, the instructions are also required for the most common situations. The installation is already complex enough, with ELICIT Online give them the information and knowledge they need for optimal and safe production. Anytime, anywhere, within 2 clicks and 10 seconds

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