Good knowledge transfer is even more important in Industry 4.0


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Good knowledge transfer is even more important in Industry 4.0

In recent years, the so-called fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) has taken off. Production systems are getting smarter, there is an incredible amount of (real-time) data available and due to techniques such as cognitive computing and the Internet of Things, production processes are becoming even more efficient than ever. This means that the role of operators, technicians and technologists is changing. This also requires new and different knowledge to be transferred.

Connecting and communicating production processes is the core of Industry 4.0. It is the next step in process automation; machines do not merely execute, they learn, think and deliver data, and even provide solutions when a problem arises. The value of the delivered data is enormous. It helps companies to gain insight into the process. Where are the bottlenecks, where are the points for improvement, where can profit be realised? It even makes it possible to create an almost completely digital 'copy' - also known as Twin Technology - of the process. With this copy, the process can be analysed in real-time and adjusted where necessary.

The roles are changing

One of the consequences of this evolution towards the so-called 'smart factory' is that the roles of operators, technicians and technologists are changing. For example, the installation tells us that if there is a problem, where it is located and what possible solutions there are. But also, what might become a problem in the future and when that problem might occur. The operator and technician therefore have a more supervising role. Due to the large amount of data, technologists can make even better analyses.

Ensure a good transfer of knowledge

This all means that the necessary knowledge of the different people also has to change. Transfer of and access to the available knowledge, therefore, becomes even more important. One way to steer this in the right direction, for example, is through performance support..

The manufacturing industry is changing at a rapid pace. Technological innovations have led to the fourth industrial revolution. In this Industry 4.0, the roles of employees are changing. Their tasks are becoming more specialised and require a different level of knowledge. Good transfer is essential in this respect.

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