The expert is away on holiday. What now?


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Every year during the summer holiday period, it is a challenge to make sure your operations can continue as usual. A significant number of colleagues are absent, including those experts that others rely on so heavily throughout the rest of the year. How can you make it through the summer without going crazy?


Embed expert knowledge

What we see in practice is that it becomes painfully clear during the holiday period just how dependent you are on the experts in your organisation. If they are gone for a few weeks, you - and the colleagues who depend on this expert - are suddenly left in the cold. That is exactly why we strive to take knowledge out of experts’ heads and make it available to all. It might be too late to change anything now, but you can still use this period to determine exactly when and how you are most in need of the knowledge of your organisation's expert (or experts).


What went wrong?

Use this summer as a baseline measurement and keep track of where difficulties arose and what had to be done to resolve them. Did it cost time? Money? Did the absence of expert knowledge lead to stress or other problems? Once everyone is back from their holiday, put this issue on the agenda and ask the people in your team how the summer was for them in this regard. Now that you know where the problem lies, it will be easy to do things differently next year. This prevents stress, reduces errors or losses and can make this period - which is typically more hectic than the rest of the year - more enjoyable for all involved.



Schedule a meeting with us. We would be happy to visit you and demonstrate how we can quickly and fully record your expert knowledge and make it available to all colleagues. If we go one step further, why only do this for the summer period? Similar issues may arise around the turn of the year or when the expert in question falls ill, finds a different job or retires...


We will get back to you on this in August. We are curious to know how the coming weeks will be for you and wish you a great holiday and the very best of luck!