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Depending on an expert or specialist?

Capture their expert knowledge quickly and completely and make it immediately available to all colleagues, anytime, anywhere.

We are experts in capturing and transferring knowledge for the process and manufacturing industry.

Extremely valuable knowledge is accumulated on the work floor, but unfortunately, a lot of knowledge is still being lost due to ageing or reorganisations, among other things. With our solution, we enable the Dutch manufacturing and process industry to secure and transfer this valuable knowledge. This prevents the loss of valuable knowledge and allows companies to maintain and further strengthen their competitive position.

ELICIT Online specialises in the capture and transfer of knowledge for the process and manufacturing industry. Our solution is a software tool that can record valuable knowledge and experience of experts. The software uses Artificial Intelligence and a systematic way of interviewing so that, in only 3- 5 contact moments with an expert, his or her knowledge and experience can be systematically recorded.

The result

The trajectory

We always start with a no-obligation assessment of the necessity, so that you can determine for yourself whether ELICIT Online offers the right solution.
This is followed by our training, which consists of 5 sessions and with which we guide you in the use of ELICIT Online.
The result of the training is the knowledge of the experts recorded in knowledge files ready for implementation.
During a period of 3 months, unlimited use can be made of Elicit Online and we offer support.
We use a temporary and special promotional rate of only € 4950, -

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