Meaningful learning through performance support: these are the five moments of need


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It is so behind the times and yet it still frequently occurs: a group of technical people of a practical disposition are updated in a sedentary position on the complex installations for which they will be responsible, and this for two long days. You probably have also attended such a course at some time, which you start full of good spirit, then somewhere around ten o’clock you crave for a fresh cup of coffee and after lunch you are staring at the clock, willing the hands to move faster because all this talking has drained you. You stopped absorbing what they are saying a long time ago...


Five moments of need

Under what conditions is classical training most effective? When is workplace learning a good idea? According to Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson (two American experts on corporate training courses) there are five moments when people are actually eager to learn something. These are the five moments of need :

1. New knowledge – When you learn something for the first time
2. More depth – When you want to know more about a topic
3. Apply – When you want to apply the acquired knowledge in practice
4. Solve – When problems arise while applying knowledge or things unexpectedly work out differently
5. Change – When you have to learn how to do something differently and therefore have to abandon existing routines


Performance support

According to Mosher and Gottfredson approximately half of what currently still is being taught in courses and training programmes should actually be incorporated in systems for performance support. Performance support means as much as: making sure that employees in their moment of learning need can find the information which they need at that moment in two clicks. And this is exactly what we do with ELICIT Online. With our solution you can secure your experts’ business-critical knowledge and experience in order to subsequently make this available to your employees. This way they can find the information they need at that specific moment in two clicks, whenever and wherever they want.

Would you like to know more, or would you simply like to see how this plays out in practice? Contact us now, we will be happy to tell you all about it. contact us, we will be happy to tell you more.