Are we still doing the right things?


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Many organisations are not running at full capacity at the moment. As troublesome as that may be, it also gives organisations an opportunity to take a good look at their processes. Are they still adequate or is it time to start thinking about changes? Do you have easy access to the knowledge and expertise those changes will require?

The fact that things are changing should not come as a surprise. As society and the economy gradually reopen, organisations will have to adjust to the new status quo. Now is the perfect time to look forward to the future and back on the past: How do we operate? Are our processes still optimal? Do our people work at the peak of their abilities and do they have the right tools to continue to do so? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself right now. vooruit te kijken, maar ook om terug te kijken: Hoe werken we? Zijn onze processen nog wel optimaal? Werken onze mensen wel op het hoogste niveau en hebben ze de tools daarvoor om dat ook te blijven doen? Allemaal vragen waar op dit moment de tijd voor is om naar te kijken.


Platforms for ideas and solutions

It is quite normal to seek advice in these matters. Various platforms in the Netherlands can help you find the right answers and solutions to take your organisations to the next level. TekDelta is one such platform. It is a collaboration between organisations, knowledge institutions and startups. The platform brings organisations looking for innovative solutions into contact with the startups who can provide these solutions. TekDelta is zo’n platform. Dit is een samenwerking tussen organisaties, kennisinstituten en startups. Het platform legt de connectie tussen organisaties die innovatieve oplossingen zoeken, en startups die deze kunnen bieden.


A focus on Elicit

We are also affiliated with TekDelta. Not only because it gives us the opportunity to meet potential clients, but also to present the philosophy and solutions that Elicit Online offers to the outside world. The manufacturing industry is of major importance to the Netherlands and it must maintain its unique position with regard to the rest of the world. Our solutions and those developed by other parties can help with that.


We have to do it together

Especially given the current circumstances, we must do everything we can to preserve the quality our manufacturing industry offers. This will help the industry survive and ensures it gets off to a great start when everything goes back normal. That calls for innovative solutions to improve processes and share and preserve knowledge. The only way to achieve this goal is by working together.

Would you like to know how Elicit Online can help you preserve your people's knowledge and share it with others? Contact us today. We are happy to help.