Wouter Schotborgh gives lecture at IKT (Twente Industry Society)


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Technological developments are always speeding up, and sharp minds no longer commit to a single company for decade upon decade. This applies to both millennials and more senior colleagues, who add a tremendous amount of technological, essential knowledge to your business. So what happens if such a colleague decides to leave the organisation? Do they simply take all that acquired knowledge with them? How could you prevent such a drain? This was the theme of the plenary meeting at the Industriële Kring Twente (Twente Industry Society), where our colleague Wouter Schotborgh gave a lecture about our unique ELICIT method. This method, investigated and designed at the UT during doctoral research, was continuously developed through its application in different industries, with different business types, and within multiple departments of smaller and larger companies. The goal of ELICIT Online is to record and disseminate employee expertise all over the world, to significantly boost the performance of individual employees and of organisations as a whole.


Collaboration with FrieslandCampina

The packed room followed Schotborgh’s talk with intense interest, and enjoyed three knowledge sessions afterward, one of which featured FrieslandCampina Global L&D Specialist Karin Vinke. She shared which challenges the Dutch dairy giant faces every day, and how ELICIT Online is used as a tool to support and guide learning on the job.


Recording 30 years of expertise in 4 interviews: the ELICIT method

A practical our whitepaper describes in more detail how our method may benefit your company. A good resolution with which to start the New Year! We describe how ELICIT Online probes minds for knowledge. Our scientific method was developed and integrated in the software in order to record the practical experiences and knowledge of experts. The white paper specifically describes the application of the ELICIT method in the processing and manufacturing industries, and provides the method’s scientific foundations and the results, supported by application data.


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