We know Max Verstappen's secret. Do you?


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For years, Jos Verstappen was his son's mentor. Without this source of knowledge and experience, Max would never have been able to perform like he has at such a young age. If you have to discover everything on your own, the road to success suddenly becomes a lot longer and harder. It might sound odd, but we at ELICIT Online sometimes feel a bit like Jos, helping his son Max earn a place on the podium...


Focus on the work floor

Many of the operators who work for our clients in the process and manufacturing industry possess an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience, gained from spending countless hours on the work floor. That knowledge is invaluable to an organisation. It makes perfect sense to us (and fortunately to our clients as well) to put these technical experts in the spotlight.


Business as usual? Not exactly

In practice, the knowledge these professionals possess is often taken for granted. In fact, the people themselves hardly question the fact that they know from experience what to do in the event of a malfunction. A tap here, turn a valve there, raise or lower the temperature a bit. In a way, it is like our national hero Max, who knows exactly how to approach a corner on a wet track to ensure he comes out perfectly on the other side. He learned all this from his dad, who spent many a wet afternoon explaining to his son how to drive in the rain. A casual observer might think Max is simply doing the same as everyone else, but if you look closer, you will notice that his racing lines differ from those used by the other drivers. Business as usual for him, because he learned his tricks from an involved and experienced mentor...


The work floor makes all the difference

Als er op de werkvloer een verkeerde beslissing wordt gemaakt door een operator, dan kan de productie zomaar uren stilliggen. Je kunt het theoretisch allemaal prachtig uitdenken, maar op de werkvloer (of op het circuit) wordt het échte verschil gemaakt. Wij helpen onze opdrachtgevers bij het vastleggen en beschikbaar maken van de waardevolle kennis en ervaring die aanwezig is op de werkvloer. Praktisch en vooral snel, net zoals Max.