Quicker handling of process deviations during production?


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Despite the far-reaching automation that already permeates the industrial sector, there are still paper flows. These frequently form part of important business processes, e.g. those concerning quality deviations. They often concern the decision of whether to release a product or not (yet); a choice that usually has a significant financial impact.


Illegible handwriting

Once a deviation has been identified, an operator fills out the relevant information on a form. This form is then sent to a different department. If you take a moment to think about this method, you will quickly realise that it is not only slow, but also quite prone to errors. The form may be poorly legible, incomplete or even get lost along the way.


Quickly filling out a digital form

How much easier would it be if an operator could quickly fill out an easy-to-use digital form immediately after spotting a quality deviation? This user-friendly form can feature pre-completed standard fields or a list of common options to choose from, all to make filling it out as easy and quick as possible for the operator. Furthermore, everything will be perfectly legible for their colleague who receives the digital form via email. Lastly, the colleague can examine long-term trends and come up with concrete improvement suggestions.


Audit-proof digital archive

The forms are automatically archived, which comes in handy during audits. That certainly looks more professional than handing over a thick folder full of forms, some of which may be creased, crumpled or incomplete. Of course, the digital forms can be easily and flexibly linked to popular ERP systems and used for a wide range of analyses.


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