Optimise production processes in just six weeks


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For a production process to function optimally, the essential part of the process must be clear. When this is clear to you, you can then see possible improvement points, but also how you can solve possible (re)malfunctions in the process quickly. With our method, it only takes a few interviews to determine what's important, including the most important cause and effect relationships


Experienced employees know a lot about the production process. Capturing all that information, organising it clearly and making it accessible to every employee, can often be a time-consuming challenge. With our method and software solution, you can reduce all the information to what is important in three to five interviews and make it transparent and accessible.


The software makes the most important installation parts, process controls and monitoring (including relationships between installation, process and product) clear in one overview. The components and parameters are specified in specific terms, including checks and troubleshooting-instructions to identify and correct quality abnormalities at an early stage. However, to do this in the best possible way, the knowledge must first be extracted from the experienced employees.


Learning by doing

Elicit Online helps customers implement the software. We do this using a 'learning by doing' technique during five training sessions. During the training, each participant will record a process or installation part in a knowledge file that is ready for implementation at the end of the training. After the training, the participants can independently record the other processes (workstations). Experience shows that recording the knowledge in a knowledge file has an average lead time of six weeks. This way, as an organisation, you can record the majority of your production processes and have them ready for use within a year.


Would you like to know how to realise this ideal situation in your organisation as well? contact us or download our whitepaper on how to record thirty years of experience in just four interviews.