Onbewust bekwame experts, mooi! Of toch niet…?


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We are all familiar with Maslow. According to the stages of learning formulated by this renowned psychologist, the highest attainable goal is being unconsciously competent. Those experts, who have moved beyond the stage of conscious competence, are often valued for their knowledge and experience. In plain English: they can do the right thing without even really having to think about it. However, should an organisation actually want its experts to no longer be (fully) aware of their own qualities? Perhaps it would be better to keep people consciously competent, so they will more actively share their knowledge and because it keeps them sharp. After all, doing things on autopilot is not without its risks either...


Onbewust bekwame experts: Zo pak je dat aan

A good way to make unconsciously competent experts consciously competent is by having them explain to one or more colleagues what they are doing, how they are doing it and why. However, that quickly present a new challenge: the expert in question is often busy enough as it is, because everyone always wants something or other from them. Asking them to give a presentation or a workshop will take up even more of their precious and scarce time...


Effortlessly record and transfer thirty years’ worth of knowledge and experience?

We can record your experts’ knowledge and experience in just ten hours. Would you like to know our secret? Read about how we effortlessly recorded thirty years’ worth of knowledge and experience at Ten Cate with our software and methodology. here het verhaal van Ten Cate over hoe wij moeiteloos 30 jaar ervaring hebben vastgelegd met onze software en methodiek.


The benefits of ELICIT Online?

By recording business-critical knowledge and experience and making it available to all, you can train colleagues in an easier and more structured manner, reduce unnecessary delays and improve your output and quality. This ensures your organisation stays successful and maintains its competitive edge.


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Talk to us, listed to the practical stories we can tell and decide what to do with it. In any case, you will move from taking unconscious action to making conscious choices for your business. That is absolutely essential if you want to be successful today and tomorrow, together with your real-life experts and especially your digital employee, who can take your business to the next level. Shall we put the coffee on?