Finding and retaining knowledge in the chemical industry


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What ensures that production processes can run as efficiently as possible and that any problems can be solved quickly? Recruit good operators, provide good training and education and preserve valuable knowledge. These are precisely the challenges that are most common in the chemical industry.

It goes without saying that finding and retaining good operators can be very difficult. For years, there has been a chronic shortage of operators in the chemical industry and this is likely to continue in the years to come. Once you have found a good operator, you will, of course, have to train them. The ever increasing complexity of process installations and the extremely strict safety requirements involved mean that training courses have a longer turnaround time than in other sectors.

Perhaps the greatest challenge of all is to preserve all the knowledge acquired and to make it accessible to employees. Every company has to deal with very experienced colleagues who met pensioen gaan, of een andere baan vinden. De kennis die deze waardevolle krachten in al die jaren hebben opgebouwd, wil je binnen je bedrijf houden.

Unfortunately, we cannot help to recruit good operators. However, we can assist in gathering the knowledge and expertise from the minds of experienced colleagues, thus preserving this treasure trove of knowledge.The interactive way in which our software offers this knowledge enables employees to be trained faster than by using traditional methods, enabling them to be deployed sooner.

Would you like to know more about preserving knowledge within your company and how you can communicate this in a good and pleasant way to new employees? Download our whitepaper or contact us