The secret of embedding knowledge and project management in the food industry


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Het is bij elk investeringsproject weer een uitdaging: de tijdige en volledige overdracht naar de afnemer van het project, namelijk de operators en technologen van de betrokken locatie. Tijdens een grote investeringsproject en bij de commissioning en start-up fase wordt veel kennis opgebouwd. Het vraagt soms tientallen jaren ervaring om zo’n complex systeem te ontwikkelen en zodanig te beheersen dat de producten binnen de gestelde specificatie geproduceerd worden.


Investeer in efficiënte kennisoverdracht in uw investeringsproject

With us as your business partner, you will be able to record that invaluable knowledge and avoid having to rediscover through costly trial and error what you already know. During the project, you take three steps forward; ELICIT Online keeps you from then taking two steps back. The most important added value? The knowledge you acquire is retained and will always be available where it is needed most: with the employees at your production site.


Save time and avoid product losses

For the technologists and operators tasked with operating the new installation, ELICIT Online offers two major benefits that help them save time and prevent errors:

1. Educational material to quickly become familiar with the system, including its sensitivities and complexity

2. Support during troubleshooting with the goal of facilitating quick and effective action. The people directly involved have a need for background information to get a feeling for the new installations. Discovering everything on your own takes a lot of time and it is all too easy to make the wrong choices if the relevant knowledge is not immediately available. The consequences of those wrong choices are obvious: higher material costs and time and product losses. All this can easily be avoided with ELICIT Online. In addition to providing insight into the operation of the new installation, ELICIT Online also offers a schematic overview of the essential controls. This will quickly reveal the complexity and sensitivity of its various components. The result is that technologists and operators know their way around new installations and their sensitivities and complexities much sooner. ELICIT Online is initially used as a source of educational material. After that, it's main purpose is to be an effective troubleshooter.

Would you like to know more or simply see for yourself how it works? Contact us today. We would be happy to tell you more. contact met ons op en we vertellen u graag meer.