Hoe stress vrij is de zomerperiode binnen je bedrijf verlopen?


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In our previous blog, we wrote about the stress that may arise in your organisation when one or more experts go on holiday. During that period, it often becomes painfully clear just how knowledgeable these people are and how valuable they are to their colleagues, because they are there to answer questions on a daily basis. We promised to return to this important topic, which causes so many businesses so many headaches, after the holiday.


How did it go?

In our previous blog, we invited you to record in a practical and pragmatic manner what problems you and your team encountered during the holiday period, especially those that had something to do with the absence of your resident expert. Where did difficulties arise and what had to be done to resolve them? Did it cost time? Money? Did the absence of expert knowledge lead to stress or other problems?


Here's why

If you know exactly what problems you will run into when an expert is absent, you will also know what knowledge you should record in a system to make sure that this information is easily, practically and objectively findable for those who are still working. That is where we come in, ready to utilise our wealth of knowledge and experience to help you out. The absence of experts may not only lead to difficulties during the busy summer months, but also during other holiday periods such as the turn of the year. We mentioned this in our previous blog as well: in practice, most serious problems will arise when an expert, whom so many colleagues rely on for so many things, decides to look for a new job, retires or suddenly falls ill for an extended period of time.

Schedule a meeting with us. We would be happy to visit you and demonstrate how we can quickly and fully record your expert knowledge and make it available to all colleagues. met ons in, we komen graag langs om te laten zien hoe we de expertkennis snel en compleet vastleggen en beschikbaar maken voor alle collega’s.