How can you best capture your employees' valuable knowledge?


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Ask an expert to share his/her knowledge, and an avalanche of information is unleashed. Sometimes so much, that it becomes difficult to distinguish main issues from side issues. How do you make sure that an expert gets his/her knowledge organised so you can determine the essence?


In our experience, when you ask an expert to write down that knowledge, two things happen. First the question arises: "But where should I start?", and the next step is that the expert starts to put all his/her knowledge - as in really all knowledge - on paper. Because the expert often seemingly 'does not think' but acts directly based on his knowledge of experience and instinctive feel, it is not surprising that you then get that avalanche of information when you ask the 'why question'. No matter how valuable the underlying information is for a certain action, it is not always practical when you need the knowledge to be able to cope with abnormalities quickly. Therefore, to get to the essence, you need to know which questions to ask, and perhaps even more importantly, which questions you should not ask. And therein lies the problem, because how do you know which question to ask?


Elicit Online can help with that. Our research-based method aims to identify and concretely describe essential parameters and decision moments that an expert uses during his/her intuitive thinking processes. This reveals the essence and allows you to capture the knowledge in a structured way and make it available to other colleagues. Through a systematic way of questioning, the knowledge model is filled step by step. The software we use forms a basis for this. Thanks to the use of, among others, Artificial Intelligence, the software helps in asking the right (follow-up) questions and organises the knowledge in such a way that it becomes easily accessible to everyone.


Why is this a big advantage? Because the knowledge is not only accessible to every employee when they need it; it only takes a few interviews to extract the knowledge from the expert. Instead of spending days working on a document, the knowledge is now stored, structured and made accessible in a just few sessions.


Would you like to know more about our method or would you like to start storing your expert's knowledge? Then please contact us for more information.