How can I keep my process technologists satisfied?


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When a production process is disrupted - in the middle of the day or at three o’clock in the morning, it is usually time to call the process technologist. In many cases, operators are still too dependent on the knowledge of the process technologist. As a result, production may be halted or products have to be rejected. Then there is the risk of overburdening the technologist with countless calls both during and outside office hours to resolve malfunctions as they occur. There is a better way to go about this...


From ad hoc to structure

How can you properly record the process technologist's invaluable knowledge and information and make them available to the operators whenever they need them? In our experience, many technologists cannot transfer their knowledge in a structured manner, mostly due to a lack of time and the right method with which to do so. The resulting incomplete knowledge transfer will only lead to more problems and mounting frustrations...


Ideal situation

In de ideale situatie wordt de technoloog incidenteel gebeld door de operator, omdat deze de 9 van de 10 keer zelf de storing of afwijking kan oplossen. De tijd die de procestechnoloog daardoor overhoudt, gebruikt hij/zij om structurele verbeteringen door te voeren. Resultaat? Tevreden operators, procestechnologen én betere bedrijfsresultaten!


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