How do you transfer thirty years’ worth of practical knowledge?


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A typical challenge of our modern day and age is that production installations are becoming increasingly complex and automated. The gap between the operator and the process widens and becomes less transparent. The old experts with thirty years’ worth of experience still know how the process really works, but this group of people is gradually leaving the workforce. So: how do you transfer thirty years’ worth of practical knowledge to allow employees to quickly grasp the essence and make the right decisions? In this blog, we tell you a little bit about our solution. We have also written a our whitepaper for people who want to know more.


Record exactly what you need

The core of “practical knowledge” is formed by the specific things an expert looks for to see whether a process is going well. In most cases, there are surprisingly few and they can be quite tricky. We use that theory to ask the right questions with which we can record exactly what we need (the essence). Our software indicates exactly what questions need to be asked in order to first extract essential information from the expert's head and then present it to (new) operators in a clear and user-friendly manner.


An operator's three main tasks

It turns out that we have to ask circa 110 questions to record the essence of twenty to thirty years’ worth of experience. On average, this "essence” consists of twenty parameters and seventy-two instructions, which which (new) operators can perform their three main tasks:

1. Process control

2. Taking action in the event of deviations

3. Understanding the production process’s key cause-and-effect relationships

How can you control the process? What is right and what is wrong? What do you do if something is about to go wrong with the process or product? What are the key cause-and-effect relationships?


Contact us

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