Elicit Online now truly online


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The measures that were implemented as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which will probably remain in effect for the foreseeable future, have made working online a lot more popular almost overnight. Our organisation is no exception. In response, we have implemented various solutions that allow us to continue offering our clients the services they have come to expect.


Online meetings

We like meeting with our clients on location. In our experience, that works best for everyone. Although this is not possible for the time being, we do want to keep in touch with our clients. We are therefore conducting our meetings online instead. This allows us to stay in touch with clients and demonstrate the possibilities of Elicit Online, albeit in a slightly different manner.


Online training

To make sure our training sessions can proceed as planned, we have turned our office's training space into a professional studio. With the help of a live video connection, we can host training sessions for participants on location. Although we have had to make some changes to the training, the programme still consists of two main components: information about the methodology of Elicit Online and insight into how the software works. Furthermore, participants still use their own professional practice as study material.


Keeping in touch online

Although the measures we are all forced to cope with are very serious, they also seem to inspire creativity and new ways of working. For example, we have expedited the implementation of our plans to work online more. Our goal in doing so is to continue supporting our clients and make sure that production processes stay operational.

If you would like to know more about our online training or receive an online demonstration of Elicit Online, feel free to contact us. You can reach us online or simply give us a call.