ELICIT Online is expanding rapidly...


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“To me, growth is always a good thing, especially when it involves a relocation to a beautiful new office space. We moved away from the centre of Deventer, where we had so many great times over the years, to a bigger space that is better suited to the growth we are currently experiencing. Our project workload is growing and we are therefore expanding our capacity. The building we are in now will certainly suit our needs for the next five years or so,” says Herman Ouwerkerk, co-founder and -director of ELICIT Online.


Outgrowing our office

“Needless to say, we had a great time in Deventer, but the business park we moved to on 19 August offers a lot of extra benefits, especially for our clients. First of all, it is easily accessible. We can see the A1 highway when we look out the window,” Herman laughs. “Secondly, there are plenty of parking spaces available, which are free to boot. That accessibility is very important, because we regularly host training sessions for different types of users of our software. Upon delivery of a project, we offer clients a number of standard training programmes and additional educational sessions. These can be targeted towards the user manager or the end users themselves, but also the administrator and the person ultimately responsible for the content. We know from experience that it is often preferable to take part in training sessions that are held outside your own business location. Once you have left your own (production) environment and can leave the hustle and bustle behind for a little while, you can truly focus your attention on new things. Ultimately, that benefits everyone,” Herman continues.


Last but not least

‘Tot slot kunnen we een beetje flauw schrijven dat de koffie op kantoor goed is en er prima horecagelegenheden in de buurt zitten voor een heerlijke lunch, maar dat kun je uiteraard het beste zélf komen ervaren. We nodigen je van harte uit op onze locatie en komen vanzelfsprekend ook graag jouw kant op om kennis te maken en te praten over ons mooie vak en de oplossingen die we voor de proces- en maakindustrie bieden. Kennis uit hoofden halen en beschikbaar maken voor iedereen: dat is wat we doen, dát is waar we goed in zijn. De voordelen die dit oplevert voor onze klanten zijn o.a. sneller en gestructureerd opleiden, verlaging van onnodige stilstand en verhoging van kwaliteit en output. Hierdoor kunnen onze klanten succesvol en concurrerend blijven in waar zij goed in zijn, besluit Herman.


Contact us

Would you like to learn more about our approach during a no-strings-attached meeting? Send an email to info@elicitonline.com or call us at 085-049 97 15. We look forward to hearing from you.