Experienced operators conduct mostly their work based on their instincts


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‘Just watch. If I hit the machine right there once or twice, it will restart.’ Watching in disbelief, I witnessed an experienced operator... Watching in disbelief, I witnessed an experienced operator in an industrial, international company violently hit a pipe on an installation costing hundreds of thousands of euros, without a care in the world. It wasn’t the first time I saw this happen, otherwise I certainly couldn’t have stopped myself from laughing,’ says Wouter Schotborgh, managing partner at ELICIT Online.


De ervaren operator en het fingerspitzengefühl

‘The highly technical, complex installations in the processing and manufacturing industry are basically operated with a combination of two kinds of knowledge: the standard operating manual, and that famous operator instinct. Just think about those situations where experienced employees have been taking care of the same installation for years. As soon as they hear a click, or they see a single drop of condensation under a pipe, they know exactly what to do,’ Wouter says. ‘In itself that’s fine, but new colleagues will never be able to familiarise themselves with those installations to the same degree. Moreover, who knows whether those highly-experienced operators have the verbal skills and patience to correctly and efficiently communicate all this expert knowledge to their colleagues!’


What we offer

‘Our solution helps companies record and distribute critical knowledge and experience, allowing for quick boosts to the performance of individual employees and the organisation as a whole. This makes it much easier for a company to train employees quickly and in an organised manner, thereby reducing unnecessary downtime while increasing quality and output. These are essential factors for a company’s sustained competitiveness and success,’ says Wouter.


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