This is what a red Porsche does to someone without a driving licence


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Do you know that feeling you get from one of those fast, red Porsches? That colour, the road handling, and all those HPs under the hood… You’d like nothing more than to hop in and take it for a spin! But what if you don’t have a driving licence and you don’t really know how it all works, with the clutch and the accelerator – then what do you do? This is similar to how a new operator in the process and manufacturing industry can feel when reverently inspecting all those complex installations on the shop floor. They can see that the manufacturing process isn’t running smoothly, or is even halted altogether, but which button, handle, setting or meter should they turn to straighten things out? Nobody knows, and the stress just keeps building….


Knowledge is power

This scenario might seem far-fetched, but it plays out all around the world every single day. The pressure on these operators is immense, since any minute that the production line is not functioning perfectly is a minute that the company loses money. You can’t always turn to a colleague for help, because any experienced colleague will already be busy with their own duties while answering other workers’ questions all the time. And even if that colleague has a moment or two to help you, how useful will their assistance be in the long run? The issue might be resolved, but simply applying ad hoc solutions that others hand to you is no way to familiarise yourself with the actual workings and requirements of the installation you are there to operate. This means that you are not able to take the preventative actions needed to adjust processes in time and prevent issues on a more structural level.


“Approximately” doesn’t cut it

And that's where our software comes in. Evidence-based software that provides brief, clear and above all correct indications of what the operator should do to solve or even prevent an issue. This saves time and prevents losses in production. In addition, the software will reduce your dependence on the much-beleaguered expert in your organisation. Because you don't even want to think about what will happen when they fa;; ill, go on holiday or retire any time soon.


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Learning how to drive a Porsche is no mean feat, but once you have your driving licence and the mental tools to find out more about the workings of that car, things become a lot easier. The same applies to complicated installations: once you understand the facts and are able to look up what actions are required at what time – in an objective way, no less, far removed from “I know a guy who kind of knows how it works” – understanding, resolving and preventing malfunctions becomes a piece of cake. This makes the operators much happier and will boost the quality and output of the manufacturing processes. A perfect Win-Win, if you ask us. Are you interested in our software? Contact us today and we’ll tell you what we can do for your company.