Knowledge is not taking a vacation


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Vacations are important for your employees. It's their time to rest and not think about work too much. And maybe vacations will be more important than ever in 2020.

The corona crisis has greatly affected people. It was a period in which people suddenly had to think quickly to ensure that organisations could continue as much as possible. Working from home - where possible - was quite an adjustment for many. But also for organisations; everything had to be adapted so employees could safely continue functioning. The production lines had to keep running as much as possible, which required a lot of flexibility from everyone, and that is why this year's vacation is perhaps more important than ever for us. Just being able to get away from it all, to really be offline for a while.


Keep producing

In the meantime, the organisation has to keep going. Even if there are problems and your experts are not available. If he or she is not there for several weeks, you are more or less on your own. And so are the colleagues who rely on these experts. That's why it is so important that his or her knowledge is available even during the expert's absence so that colleagues can keep going and solve any problems independently.


Knowledge is everything

The past few months have proven that you can continue to function as an organisation with a much lower staffing level and other limitations. This is perhaps one of the positive things about the corona crisis. What helps most is that the necessary knowledge to continue to produce is available to everyone. Therefore, organisations must ensure that the experts' knowledge is not only well-documented but also accessible anytime and anywhere. Our solution can help. With our software, we help companies to capture and make available valuable knowledge and experience.


We hope that everyone will have the opportunity to take a vacation and recharge this way. After all, after the past few months, that is no excessive luxury. We feel that too. Of course, we are available for all your questions during this period. The knowledge remains available.


Have a great vacation!