Is there such a thing as an all-round service engineer?


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Many organisations are looking for all-round service engineers. If you read between the lines of the vacancies they publish, it quickly becomes clear that what they are really looking for is the illusive perfect candidate. The ideal candidate must not only possess specific knowledge of electrical engineering, but also of mechanical engineering and control technology. On top of that, they should have knowledge of specific systems. Good luck finding people like that on an employment market plagued by scarcity...


Key task

The production requirements in industrial environments continue to increase and production lines and machines are expected to run better and faster. As a result, these machines are becoming increasingly complex and downtime is to be avoided as much as possible. The key task of a service engineer is to localise the cause of a malfunction and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. To do so, they must be able to switch gears quickly and be knowledgeable about all fields. Although this knowledge often does exist within the technical service department, it is generally divided between various experts


Performance support

In the ideal situation, any service engineer can quickly resolve any malfunction in any machine.

With Elicit Online, we offer a solution that allows service engineers to find exactly the information they need within ten seconds and with just two clocks - anywhere and anytime.

With Elicit Online, you can quickly and easily record your experts’ business-critical knowledge and experience and make them available to all service engineers. The result? Flexibly deployable engineers who can quickly resolve any malfunction!


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