WWTP: how many operators can handle this installation?


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A waste water treatment plant is an incredibly important installation within a production environment. At the same time, it often presents major challenges for operators. In the worst-case scenario, an entire production site can grind to a halt if the WWTP malfunctions. After all, companies have to comply with legal waste management regulations.


A specific type of operator

These WWTPs are managed by a specific type of operator with comprehensive knowledge of biology, chemistry, process engineering and mechanical engineering. In addition to this substantive knowledge, a WWTP also presents a challenge from a technical perspective, because it consists of myriad valves, pumps and sensors. Lastly, its location (a WWTP is located outside) is a factor as well due to the constant and ever-changing atmospheric influences it is subjected to. Because of the high degree of expertise and the unique location, operators who can manage such an installation are extremely valuable to a company. At the same time, this puts those companies in a vulnerable position. Being dependent on this type of specialist, which is hard to come by on today's employment market, is not an ideal situation.


The best solution

Operators who specialise in managing waste water treatment plants can sometimes tell by scent alone whether the levels of bacteria, enzymes and other components in the plant are still properly balanced. In the event of a calamity, an experienced operator will know exactly what to do: take immediate action or do nothing. It usually only becomes clear after a few days whether the right choice was made. The trick is to not respond to every minor malfunction, but this requires nerves of steel.


Elicit Online extracts knowledge from experts’ heads

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