Five benefits of performance support


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When you think about it, it is quite strange that we still expect people to gather all the knowledge they need by reading a book from cover to cover once. We know it is more effective to combine information and present it when it is truly needed, i.e. when an employee encounters a problem they need to solve. Performance support can help with that. This method offers organisations a number of benefits.

What is performance support?

Certain knowledge required to operate a system (machine or installation) can be quite complex and hard to explain. Teaching someone how to operate the system can be a time-consuming task, especially if they are new to it. This is where performance support comes in handy: it helps with the transfer of knowledge in order to make the learning process a whole lot easier. Performance support is a form of support for employees that allows them to work faster and more efficiently; it is software that makes information available in a clear and easily accessible manner. In other words, it makes users’ lives a lot easier.

The five benefits 

Er zijn een hoop voordelen verbonden aan performance support. De belangrijkste voordelen die performance support biedt, zijn:

  1. Increased productivity: Performance support leads to a considerable boost in employees’ productivity. Since they can find the answers to their questions more easily and faster when they need them, they can resolve issues faster or even prevent them altogether and therefore realise more output.
  2. Quicker training: Instead of employees requiring extensive training to master all the ins and outs of a (new) system, the volume of information and its complexity is reduced to the essence of a process, machine or issue. Employees receive quick, brief instructions on what to do in the event of a deviation or malfunction. This makes it possible to both expedite and expand the operator's deployability.
  3. Improved production quality: Due to the improved information provision - as a result of e.g. the availability of best practices from experts and colleagues - product rejections are avoided and the production quality increases.
  4. More time for process improvements: As operators, technologists and engineers spend less time putting out fires, they will have more time available to develop and implement improvement plans and measures.
  5. More available knowledge: People are able to retain the (complex) knowledge more effectively and can access it via the software at any time. This will increase the expertise found within your organisation.

It is clear that performance support can offer organisations a wide range of benefits by making employees’ jobs easier. In the end, they are the ones who can make or break your company. When individual employees are more productive, perform better and can access the right knowledge at the right time, the company ultimately reaps the benefits.