30 Jaar ervaring: van vergrijzen naar verzilveren…


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All organisations have to deal with highly experienced colleagues who are retiring. You do not want to lose the vast knowledge that these invaluable team members have acquired over the years, but how can you transfer thirty-odd years of experience in a short period of time? With our method, we can extract knowledge from people in no more than five contact moments.


30 Jaar ervaring vastleggen! Waarom wachten?

Another aspect comes into play: why wait for someone to reach retirement age? At any time, your most precious employees could find another job, become ill or be deployed to a different project. It would be nice to not rely entirely on one person’s brain. We often see organisations meekly accept these situations because they cannot see any other solution. Some organisations attempt to have their experts record their knowledge themselves. However, in most cases these people do not know where to start or hand in a file as thick as your wrist.


What we do differently

What we do is record the essence of someone’s thirty years of experience. You might say that we pick out the diamonds and make these available to other colleagues. By doing so, you can elevate the organisation as a whole to the very highest level of knowledge, which is a sure-fire path to success. Anyone in the process and manufacturing industry will recognise the problem of experienced colleagues leaving the organisation. Now it is time for people to realise there is a solution. Ask yourself this: suppose that ELICIT Online’s methodology truly works, would you want to try it for yourself?